Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Healthy and Wealthy with Unicity


Nature's Tea for example - a tea to cleanse th colon

Take this product after dinner for at least 10 nights or up to 2 weeks and please observe what comes out the next morning when you visit the toilet.

Look at the pictures below to see the gut before and after cleansing

This product can help people with migraine. Do you know that such headaches are due to a dirty colon?

detox & cleanses the intestinal & urinary systems

Removes unpleasant body ordor

Enhances bowel transit

Eliminates constipation

Reduces cholesterol

Imprives urinary transit

manages weight

nomore tiredness & fatigue

Reduces risk of stomach ulser

Reduces risk of colon cancer


Consider a Bios Life - clinically proven and patented product listed in the PDR.

It has been used to help people reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke for 20 years.

Doctors in the US have been recommending Bios Life as serious natural alternative to statin drugs in the treatment of unhealthy cholesterol. With Bios Life, people can improve their cholesterol levels without any of the side effects of statin drugs.

The product comes with a global money back gaurantee. If one's cholesterol profile does not imporve after 60 days, the company will provide a 100% refund.

Bios Life is also effective in addressing related health issues like high blood pressire and diabetes.


In its continuing to give the market what it wants, Unicity has developed a new signature product based on the best-selling Bios Life

With Bios Life Slim, Unicity offers both beauty and health in one package. Users can burn fat and lose fat permanently within 90 days and in the process, achieve a healthy cholesterol profile.


Unicity is also a leader in personal care, offering a wide range of products for skin care and hair care.

Unicity is a leader in the use of nano technology in skin products. Our proprietary Nanomins ensures qick and 100% absorption of the nutrients deep into the skin.


For a very small investment, you can own the Franchise to build a global business with these great products.

In this business you don't work alone!

The company (Unicity) will provide a quality products, inventory and accouting and the income

Unipower (system) is the business school that will provide the knowhow, business tools and functions that will train you and your people

All you need to do is to plug into the system to get the result you want.

Many have achieved very big results building their business with the Unipower System

Misi saya adalah untuk membantu lebih ramai diluar sana terutamanya rakyat Malaysia mendapat tahap kesihatan dan hidup dengan lebih sempurna dan sama-sama kita jayakan

"Happy Life Project" - a project that teach us how to attain 100% happy life ;)

Try the product, use it! feel it!

pm/sms and i'll show you the way to generate income from this online business :)
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